Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ungratefully Gifted

Your strengths and supports*

How do you feel about this exercise? Was it hard to face this or was it encouraging?

This series of questions wasn't all that difficult for me. Some of these were questions I had been considering for a while, and for the others, let's face it, I lead a pretty charmed life.

I think the biggest revelation for me was that I am, essentially, ungrateful in my writing habit. I have everything a person could reasonably wish for: a supporting wife, a job that more than pays the bills and still leaves me some leisure time, ideas for stories that I will seriously never write (because I have documented over a hundred ideas already) and a small be dedicated fan base who are waiting eagerly and patiently for the next novel.

The Finder Universe alone could occupy the next decade of my life with the 7 novels and dozens of backstories. I have a design for the website in mind, and even an editor lined up to take my first novel up. So what is stopping me?

Doubt. Unfounded doubt.

  • Can I do it again? (and how many times and I going to require proof that I CAN do it before I believe it)
  • Will anyone like it? (obviously, because they already do)
  • What if no one will publish me? (markets are fickle, so are people, but I can self-pulish easily enough.)
See? Completely unfounded. So what is it, really?

Lethargy? Laziness? Lack of will power?

Maybe a little of all of the above. But, and here is the thing, I AM writing. I am writing THIS! Most of it is stream of conciousness, not a lot of planning. I am writing. It isn't my story, not yet, but that is why I am working through and sticking with this book (10 Minute Novelist) and this blog. Because as long as I KEEP writing, I will be eventually ready to change tracks and get back to my books, to my stories in the Finder Universe and back to Darwin & Joshua to finish telling their story.

* From Part 1 - Chapter 1 - Envisioning and Planning

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  1. You know you can do it when you are ready to do it. All my love and support always.