Tuesday, March 21, 2017

4 & 4k: A Gratitude Journal for 10 Minute Novelists

But Wait! There’s More!

Post-credits scenes are all the rage these days. Go see any movie (but especially hero movies) and you will see a stalwart bunch of patrons still sitting and sipping their sodas, waiting for the 30 second plug at the end of the credits.

Because there is more.

Let’s not be the ones to break with trends and let you in on the MORE of 10MinNovelists. Because there IS more!

I have already waxed rhapsodic about the website, so we’ll let that pass.

Instead, let’s look at two other great resources.

The first is the Twitter Feed. Katharine’s @10MinNovelist hosts the Thursday Night Twitter chat, as previously mentioned, but there is so much more. As things come up, come through or are just plain interesting (with a somewhat writerly potential) they will find their way into the twitterverse and onto this feed. If your pulse is timed to the rhythm of an updating Twitter feed, then this is definitely for you.

Don’t confuse the active @10MinNovelist with the now defunct @10MinNovelistS (<- Note the trailing S.) This handle hasn’t been used for over a year, though you can get a look at the topics they covered in yesteryear (and see a picture of Katharine with long hair.)

It should also come as no surprise that 10MinNovelists has a very active page on Pinterest. The curated content, from the website as well as many other sources, lends itself well to Pinterest's model of topical boards and shareable image driven links. There are hundreds of links on dozens of boards on the Pinterest account, but before you think that that is just too much information, think again. The true power of Pinterest is in its ‘Suggested Pins.’ Well tagged topics are shared across feeds and often to people who would have no other way of knowing about our group.

In fact, one our most recent members, Diane Fullen, found her way here through a pin. (How To Describe An Object & Why It Matters In Your Novel) Pinning works, and Pinterest is the place to pin.

So there are other ways to learn all about time crunched writing practices. Check them out.

In the spirit of ‘all roads lead to 10MinNovelists,’ let’s check out a Drabble by Brian Duxbury:

Once Upon A Long Time Ago, in a time before 10 Minute Novelists, my wife introduced me to Katharine via an obscure homeschooling connection. She had a blog promoting the idea of writing in ten minute increments which kick-started the belief in me that I could do it too. Now on her ever-expanding Facebook group, she brings that vision, discipline and encouragement to thousands of writers. I’ve been kindly included in some of her projects which has stretched, pummeled, edited and boosted me through my involvement. Who knows? One day I might just actually finish one of my writing projects!

(Brian struggles to hold his crazy family together between shelved projects while writing a dreadfully long diary which might one day be published sometime in the next century.)

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