Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I want to be a writer because...

Thinking about writing*

1. Finish this sentence: 'I want to be a writer because...'

There are stories in my head. Who am I kidding? There are whole universes in my head, all wonderfully interconnected with my life and each other! It is actually part of who I am, this storytelling thing.

I've been going though some old paperwork lately and I keep finding snippets of stories. Apparently, and this is a surprise to me because my memory is so bad, I have been writing since I was a teenager.

It is interesting that there are things in us that stay true, no matter how much our outer circumstances change. I realize that we do change, especially since we are also always learning, but there are some things, desires perhaps, or maybe it's an inborn talent, or perhaps the culmination of billions of years of unintentional and intentional causes, choices and effect, that stay, that grow and call and wave in the distance when we are busy doing other things. These things are us, deep down, beneath the surface of the veneers we layer over our minds like armour. These things, these stories and the need to tell them, in my case, are part of what takes us out of being in the thick of thin things. They connect us, they connect me, to authenticity. No masks, no games, no prevarications, just me, telling the stories of the universes that are in me, because that is who I am.


* Question from the Introduction

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  1. Yes it definitely is the "Who you are". There are countless universes within you just waiting to be born.