Monday, March 20, 2017

4 & 4k: A Gratitude Journal for 10 Minute Novelists

I Get By... With A Little Help

A few months ago, I came across a very interesting site... service... thing. At the time it struck me as very Renaissance. In those days (and before and after) there were individuals and families who would support artists. Now it was MUCH more complex than that, but the concept of Patrons continues to this day.

Now I have a confession to make. I am little passionate about certain YouTube channels. When one of the YouTubers (I am still not trying to think of potatoes every time I hear that) quietly mentioned that if we liked what he was doing, we could support him.

Fast forward several weeks, when another of my favourite creators again quietly asked for support through something called Patreon. (I betcha see where I am going with this.)

Writing a novel a labour of love with a view to eventual remuneration. Most authors do eventually want to sell their book(s), so the work put into the writing, editing, cover design, and marketing is really a kid of investment. It's a risk, but one the author takes on willingly.

Creating quality content for a website or a Facebook group also takes time. Time to research, create, edit, post, react, and repeat. Again, often this is also a labour of love.

We hear a lot about wealthy individuals being 'Patrons of the Arts.' Even today. Watch any PBS special and you'll a list of the donors and their foundations who helped to support what you are about to see. And there is that line at the end of the list of Patrons... "and by viewers like you."

So.... Patreon. If you like what this group is doing, if it is helping you, there is something you can do. Pick up the book that is the core of all of this. (This isn't the first time I have said this) And there is something else you can do as well. Head over to Patreon (and again Google) and look up 10 Minute Novelist. It's worth a cup of coffee.

Before we get back to our regularly scheduled program, we have time for another Drabble. This one is sponsored by Joanna Melfka Maciejewska,

Not Just Any Group

Just another Facebook group—could it be any different? Yet, I kept coming back to it, drawn by its unique atmosphere. I participated in discussions, shared what little I knew, and helped when I could, while I learned about writing from other members. I even signed up with the 365 Writing Club… Before I realized, I was writing every day.

It was time to give back some of what I received, so when Katharine asked me to join the Admin team, I didn’t hesitate. If she could find those 10 minutes for others in her busy life, so could I.

(Joanna writes speculative fiction (fantasy & sci-fi), and has so far been published in her native language, Polish, though she writes in English too.)

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